Finally, I found the BEST Power Bank with 12v Output

Looking for a 12v power bank?

I was looking for one as well! 😅 I didn’t find anything really to help me out. But luckily for you, I’m putting this article together with a few of the best power banks with 12v output that you can use to do whatever you want.

For me personally, I was looking for a 12v power bank to just power up my router 🤔 There can be so many other uses for a 12v portable power bank that I may not have even thought about.

Anyways, let’s just jump into the list…

#1 Xiaomi MI Power Bank 3 Pro

This is the best 12v power bank you can get on a budget. I went with this one from Xiaomi, as their products are the best in the budget range with solid build quality and performance. I’ve been using their smartphones for a few years now as well.

It outputs 12v at 1.5A which is exactly what my router supports or requires. It also outputs 5V at 2.4A and 9V at 2A.

It also supports USB-C 45W two-way quick charge which means you can use it to power up or charge your USB-C laptops as well, that support charging through the USB-C. It also charges itself super fast, at 45Watts.

It has so many features that I couldn’t believe that it only costs so less!

It is more than enough for what I need it for, but I can’t say for sure what you want it to do, so if it does not fit your requirements, let’s see the second option we have here.

#2 Renogy 72000mAh 266Wh 12v Power Bank

If you want more capacity, this beast is what you are looking for!

Although I don’t really need it because a 20,000mAh power bank is more than enough for me to power up my router for like almost 20 hours, but if you want one for some other purpose, have a look at this one from Renogy.

I personally haven’t heard about this brand before, so I can’t say much about its quality and overall performance, but let me share a few of its customers’ views about it.

Someone bought it in 2019 and says that it is “worth every single penny!”

Users also say that it runs great with their PCAP, which honestly I am not sure what that is, but if you do and you’re looking to use it with your PCAP, I guess you’re covered then. 😉

People are mostly getting it for going out on trips and pickings and fishing and whatnot, mostly outdoor activities that sound fun! 😅 I’m a bit of an indoor guy so I can only enjoy their videos when they share on social media or on YouTube.

Anyway, hopefully, you found this article helpful and didn’t have to go and look through to find a 12v power bank yourself. If I did help you out, share this article with fellow outdoor activity lovers who would like to get a power bank that outputs 12v. I’m sure it would help them out as well as make you look so helpful in their eyes 😉

Sorry about these emojis all over the place. What can I say, I just love using them!

Also, if I find any other power bank that fits this list, I’ll make sure to add it in as well, so you have more options to consider and choose from.

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