Confusing Tech is all about simplifying the tech terms that seem complicated and confusing to the laymen and once were confusing to me. That is the primary purpose of this blog’s existence.

Hi, I’m Rayan Lamb computer programmer and Confusing Tech website’s owner.

My friend Umar started that website, his words below.

Many years back, when we got our first mobile phone, no one knew how to operate it, while I was the one that used to play with it, and then I was finally able to make a call to our relatives, and that’s where my journey began!

And also, I’ve been watching tech YouTubers like for the past five years now? I thought I’d be just wasting my time If I didn’t put all the information I’ve gathered by watching tech videos all these years, so I decided to put up this blog to share whatever I’ve learned, to help people out.

Now I will continue what he started with the same spirit, sharing all the knowledge I gathered through my modest career.