Best 1440p Monitor Budget 144Hz – Top 6 Picks

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No matter whether you are looking for a 1440p 144Hz monitor for gaming, or just for your casual daily use, these monitors are the ones you should be taking a look at and consider buying.

I’ve recently switched from a 60Hz smartphone to a 120Hz one, BOY does it look sexy! 😉

Anyways, enough rambling, let’s get into our list of 7 best 1440p 144Hz monitors under 300 dollars list that you came here for.


To kick things off, we have a 27 Inch 165Hz 1440P curved gaming monitor from Gigabyte.

Featuring Studio Grade HDR Ready and 92% DCI-P3 (120% sRGB) Color Gamut that allows you to see the colors in their true sense and be able to use it in your creative work as well as seeing the games in the most realistic color that the games were designed in.

It supports AMD’s FreeSync technology and is a 3nm response rate gaming monitor. It features an ergonomic design with tilt and high adjustments as well as two 2W speakers that you can use when there is no space to place dedicated gaming speakers, or you’re on a budget and don’t have any speakers right now. These built-in speakers will do the job just fine.

This monitor is #1 because it features a 165Hz display which is above our expectation in this price range, as the rest of the monitors only feature 144Hz which is our original aim of being here.

Still, if you do not want to go with this one, take a look at the rest of the options we have here listed for you to pick and choose from.

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#2 SAMSUNG G5 Odyssey

Next up we have a 1440p 144Hz monitor from Samsung. It also features a 27-inch screen size.

It also comes with AMD’s FreeSync support which will help alleviate tearing and reducing stuttering caused by a misalignment between the screen’s refresh rate and the content’s frame rate.

The screen is great and also very lightweight considering its size. I was reading someone’s review about this monitor, they said that they had gone from a 24-inch 60Hz monitor to this one that is 1440p and 144Hz, and they said that their experience has been increased tenfold!

I’d say the same thing about my experience, even though I switched from a 60Hz smartphone to a 120Hz one, but still, it is almost the same feeling that I have right now as this reviewer shared with you his experience.

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Ok, now I’m hearing names that I hadn’t heard before. This is one of those names, in-display monitors.

Maybe that’s because this is my first time checking out monitors for you guys? Even so, I’m doing a lot of research and you won’t be disappointed with my choices, that I promise.

Anyways, let’s talk about this 1440p 144Hz monitor from Viotek.

It is a 34-Inch Curved Gaming Monitor that features FreeSync with LFC. It’s been used for gaming as well as binge-watching shows and the customers are 100% satisfied. It’s a great monitor for gaming and looks realistic. A great budget-friendly 1440p 144Hz gaming monitor at this price range.

Some even have used it for programming and coding, and even they’re satisfied with it. But that almost has no value to us gamers, does it now? 😉 So we’ll stick with what gamers have to say about these monitors.

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#4 ViewSonic VX3268-2KPC-MHD

Next up we have one from ViewSonic.

It is a 32-inch 1440p 144Hz monitor that features 1ms response time and seems really promising so far out of this list.

If you’re only concerned about getting a 1440p 144Hz monitor not too costly for gaming strictly, and not for anything else other than that.

As it does feature FreeSynch support but has no claims as such that it has good color reproduction, which is needed for creative tasks like video editing and photo editing and animation, etc.

You can’t beat the price to performance of this amazing monitor. I should’ve put it #1, but you know, the other #1 selection we have right now features a 165Hz monitor which is more valuable than a good overall experience for some gamers, or maybe most gamers. Which is why I didn’t put it number one.

But I would highly recommend that you check this one out, if you can’t make a choice.

Note that to run 1440p 144hz you need a display port not hdmi.

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#5 LG 32GK650F-B

Next one we have with us a 32-inch monitor from LG.

It features virtually a borderless display, like modern smartphones we have these days, as well as has FreeSync support.

Users have also reported that the FreeSync works flawlessly with Nvidia’s Graphics Cards, so if you’re scared to spend extra bucks on a G-Sync supported monitor, this would do just as well for less price. Some are surprised at how much better it looks compared to a normal HD 1080p display.

I’d agree with them as well because I used to watch 1080p videos happily a year ago now, but now, I don’t see anything special in the 1080p HD videos on YouTube. Even YouTube has named it HD now, which before was Full HD and the 720p resolution isn’t even considered HD anymore, strange times! 😅

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#6 Acer ED273UR Pbidpx

This monitor features a 27-inch Curved display as does pretty much every other option in this list.

Maybe people are into curved monitors these days, for some weird reason, because I totally hate them, to be honest. A curved monitor hurts my head!

Anyways, it also supports FreeSync.

This monitor has no reviews as of right now when I am writing this article, but it comes from Acer! As far as I know, they make some good laptops! I’ve been using their laptop for over 2 years now and have not felt any regrets or experienced any particularly annoying issues as of yet, other than some driver issues back when I got it for the first few weeks.

Hopefully, by the time you are reading this article, some users would have left some reviews for you to check out and see if it is worth considering or not.

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If you can’t decide, I’d personally go with either the first monitor in this list or the #4 monitor that comes from ViewSonic.

But personally, I am not that concerned about the 165Hz refresh rate, so I’d go with the #4 option from ViewSonic as it seems like a better display overall.

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