Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse Review

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Logitech’s MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless mouse is a high-end mouse designed for professionals and artists. It is ergonomically shaped and features precise control but is expensive for a mouse

Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse - Graphite

Coming off the success of their MX Master 1 and 2, Logitech has created another quality mouse that provides the user with a range of features and customizable buttons.


  • Comfortable, ergonomic shape
  • App-specific profiles
  • Cross-device control
  • Works on any surface
  • Rechargeable


  • Expensive
  • The button to switch devices is in an inconvenient location
  • Uncomfortable for those with big hands

About Logitech

Founded in 1981, Logitech is among the world’s leaders in the production of computer interface devices. They have a wide range of products, from basic keyboards to high-end mouses. Logitech products are generally considered to be reliable and functional.

The MX series is Logitech’s flagship line of computer accessories and features both common and high-end computer interface equipment. The MX Master 3 is closer to Logitech’s higher-end; however, it is by no means their most expensive mouse. 

While Logitech is mostly associated with regular office equipment, they do produce some unique and interesting products.

Things to Consider Before Buying

There are many factors you need to consider buying a mouse, including price, tracking precision, scrolling, connectivity, durability, and shape and size.


Price is always going to be front and center in the mind of any consumer. Your typical computer mouse is going to range from $10-$200. If you just looked at this range, you would assume the MX Master 3 is somewhere in the middle range for mouses, but a mid-range mouse tends to be closer to $25-$50.

So the MX Master 3 is not the most expensive mouse, but it is on the more expensive side.

Tracking Precision

Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse - Graphite

If you work on projects that require minute mouse movements, then having a mouse that tracks slight movements with precision is invaluable. Using a mouse with good precision can save you time and effort.

Even if you are a casual computer operator, having a jumpy mouse can make even routine tasks frustrating. Any mouse that is worth using will have smooth and precise movement tracking.


The scrolling function on a mouse is one of the factors that can differ the most between mouses. There are many scrolling mechanisms for mice, but two of the most common are a scrolling wheel or a scrolling trackpad.

Scrolling wheels are the most common kind of scrolling mechanism and can vary wildly in their precision. Some are incredibly precise, while others are very jittery and difficult to use smoothly. Trackpads make it harder to scroll through large documents or pages quickly and don’t work if your fingers are wet, but they tend to provide the user with a smoother scrolling experience.

Some mouse (like the MX Master 3) will come with a second scrolling wheel, which allows the user to scroll horizontally as well as vertically, which can be useful for graphic designers.


Personnaly I prefer the bluetooth option, only when it is buggy and you need to setup again the connection. But this happen when you switch from one computer to another one mostly.

This mouse is using a usb port , which is the easiest way to connect wireless. Just be careful not to lose it…and you can also use it through Bluetooth so the flexibility is great.


A key feature of any mouse is how long it will last. Many mouses may seem to save you money with their low prices, but if they break after a week of use, they will not save you money. 

The features on a mouse that are most likely to break are the scrolling wheel, the buttons, or the tracking light. Many cheap mouses get worn down easily, and so when you attempt to click on something, the button stays down, and you can no longer use your mouse.

Many mouses offer a warranty upon purchase, and while that does not mean they won’t ever break, it means when they do, you will be able to get them replaced.

Shape and Size

Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse - Graphite

How comfortable your mouse is will depend greatly on the mouse’s shape and size. Some mouses are relatively flat while others are shaped to fit your hand. Ergonomic and comfortable mouses can prevent your hand from cramping or tiring during periods of extended use.

Those with unusually large or small hands may want to look for mouses specially designed for people with their hand dimensions, as having ones that are the wrong size can make them uncomfortable and difficult to use.

Logitech MX Master 3 Features

As a higher-end mouse, the MX Master 3 has some noteworthy features, including app-specific profiles, cross-device control, quick recharging, two precision scrolling wheels, and more.

App-Specific Profiles

With the MX Master 3, you can create specific profiles for your mouse, which automatically activate when you open an app. This feature allows you to change the sensitivity of the tracking or scrolling in a specific app (like photoshop, for instance) while leaving it unchanged when you return to your regular computer activities.

The automatic activation of this feature sets it apart because having to manually change your mouse’s settings every time you switch applications can be very time-consuming.

Cross-Device Control

This feature is very good in theory but is not particularly well executed by Logitech on the MX Master 3. The MX Master 3 can connect with three computers, but it only has one USB connector, which means you have to use Bluetooth to connect with the other two devices.

On top of this, the button to switch between channels is on the bottom of the mouse, meaning you have to pick up the mouse off the surface you are using it on in order to switch between devices. If you are switching devices constantly, having to pick up your mouse every time can be irritating and time-consuming.

Logitech does provide software that allows you to switch between devices more easily, but having to install additional software to use a function on your mouse is not ideal.

Quick Recharging

Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse - Graphite

Logitech has made a mouse that has a very convenient power source. Instead of having to buy batteries, you can simply charge your mouse. A full charge will power your mouse for 70 days, meaning you don’t have to recharge it regularly.

Even if you run out of power midway through a session, it is not a big deal because just one minute of charging time will provide you with three hours’ worth of charge.

Two Precision Scrolling Wheels

Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse - Graphite

Like the MX Master 2, the MX Master 3 comes with two precision scrolling wheels. Because the buttons are all customizable, the additional scrolling wheel can be programmed to do many different things, although most use it to scroll horizontally.

The ability to scroll horizontally with ease is very useful for those involved in graphic design work or photo editing because it allows you to easily navigate zoomed-in images, especially those in landscape orientation.

The last but not least, which make that mouse unique of his kinds it’s her hyperscroll option, for gaming or long page to scroll quickly.

However, while many users speak positively about the scrolling wheel’s precision on the MX Master 3, some users complain about jittery and inconsistent scrolling.

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Miscellaneous Features

You can use the MX Master 3 on any surface, including glass, meaning you won’t need a mousepad.

It also comes with multiple customizable buttons, which you can assign to whatever function you choose, making it very adaptable.

The mouse has a USB connector storage space inside the mouse for easy transportation, and as said before the Bluetooth option is also available.

Logitech provides a one year warranty upon purchase.

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