I Finally fixed my “Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumps” Issue

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My Logitech G403 mouse was giving me a headache from weeks and wasn’t working properly. It was doing the “Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumps” thing that everyone faces at some point in the lifetime of their mouse, and I finally found a solution that I guess most people never find or apply even if they find it.

It was to open the mouse and clean it with a brush simply.

If you want the exact step by step guide on how to do it, I can mention a video that I followed while I was repairing my own G403 mouse jumping problem.

It is really easy, and if you’re a creative guy or gal, it should be really easy for you as well. Most people with steady hands are really good at these fixing and repairing their own things, in my opinion. I’m sure there’s a study that states something like this as well.

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Anyways, here’s the video that I followed to fix my G403 mouse scroll wheel jumps issue. If you have the exact mouse that he and I have, you’ll really enjoy this video because he explains things in detail and does not skip anything that may leave you wondering or lost.

Method #1

Method #2

Now if the second method doesn’t fix the problem of your loose mouse scroll wheel, like mine wasn’t fixed completely and appeared again after a day or two, follow this method instead.

See that area where the mouse wheel fits in?

What I did was, that I put some super-glue in that small area and inserted the mouse wheel again and let it dry for a few seconds, and then when I connected the mouse again to my laptop, the problem was gone! 😌

If the first method does not work, I’m 100% sure that this one will work and the mouse scroll wheel jumps or loose problem will never come back again for at least a year or two.

Although there was one thing that I noticed after doing this fix, the scroll wheel is a bit too stiff for my taste now, so I’m going to be getting a new mouse anyways.

I’ll keep on using this wired mouse for when my laptop is on the table, while the other wireless one that I’ve now ordered; which is basically a dirt-cheap mouse, and we’ve been using it for the last 5 years now I think, and never did it cause any such issues; so I ordered that one again for when I need to take it to my terrace or some other place where I need a wireless mouse instead.

Anyways, hopefully this was a helpful guide for you, if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below, otherwise I’m going to cover a few FAQs here.


Now I’ll answer a few questions that you may have after fixing the mouse. I had these questions too, but the answers came in my mind on their own, as I am pretty experienced in computer things so even if a question comes in my head, my mind ponders for a few moments over it, and finds an answer to it from all the data I’ve stored over the years watching tech-related videos on YouTube!

1- Will the mouse go bad again? Meaning is the mouse scroll wheel jumps issue going to occur again after a while?

Yes. If you’ve applied the #1 method and it worked for you, it may occur after a few months, or even weeks, depending on how clean your environment is where you have your mouse placed.

But, no matter how many times it happens again, you have the solution. It should fix it every single time, as long as you stay calm—at the same time, opening and closing the mouse because most people go bonkers if they can’t open or tight a screw and have actually to put a little bit of effort.

Although, If the 1st method didn’t work and you’ve applied the 2nd one and that worked for your mouse, then you should not face this issue anytime soon, maybe after a few years maybe like 2-3 years, as long as the super-glue stays there and does its job, which I am sure it will stay and do the job it is supposed to for at least a year or two.

2- Will the mouse eventually become useless? After a few times of cleaning.

Yes, it probably will, because the machine that works in it may lose its edged corners where the scroll wheel rotates. But that should not happen for a few years at least, so keep cleaning your mouse as long as you keep experiencing this mouse scroll wheel jumps issues.

3- Should I just buy a new mouse?

Sure, you can do that. But most people can’t afford to get a new mouse that quickly, especially if the mouse that’s having this issue is relatively new, like a year old or something.

But, if you’re unable to follow these steps shown in the video and want to get a new mouse, I did an article where I feature a few mice that are great for scrolling and are great in general as well.

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