Finally, I found the BEST Mouse with Hyperscroll

I’m pretty sure you’ve had a similar experience to me where there are moments that a person needs a mouse with hyperscroll and without them, the task just seems too daunting!

For me, that moment was scrolling my YouTube Notification feed 😅

Because I’ve subscribed to like thousands of channels and a few hundred of them I’ve enabled or clicked the bell icon for, and those notifications pile up to like 50 notifications per day or so that I have to go through and watch…

I do this task daily, which is why I now feel that I really need a fast scrolling mouse that has hyper scroll built-in which we can modify to either work at normal scroll speed, or when needed convert it into a hyper-fast scrolling wheel mouse that we came to know is really beneficial sometimes, or most of the times like myself when browsing your notifications on a daily basis.

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Anyways, hopefully, I didn’t bore you to death with this little story of mine about how I came to the realization that I needed a mouse with hyperscroll, which I guess most people do not need, only a few that use the web on a daily basis and do a certain kind of tasks that require it, like I just shared my example with you.

It can also come in handy for people who do programming and coding stuff, as they also have lengthy pages of texts or code that needs to be scrolled at fast speeds, otherwise, it would just take so much time to just go through the code, let alone fixing it.

Now, without further ado, let’s dive right in and get to know our best fast scrolling mouse of the day.

#1 Meet the Logitech MX Master 3


Yeah, I know you’d say that you’ve already heard of it, maybe a thousand times? But, did you know that this mouse had a hyperscroll wheel? This is the main reason I am interested in it right now and featuring it in this article. Also, it is like the best mouse in the world right now? So yeah, that’s another little reason it’s in here, included in this post.

Why don’t you check out Lew’s review about its hyper-fast scroll wheel? Here, let me embed it here for you so you can watch it right here. He starts talking about the new wheel at 3:02 time stamp.

The only con I could find with this mouse though is that it is a little too pricey if you’re only getting it for the sole purpose of this little hyperscroll feature. But, if you’re in the market for a new mouse that’s the best the market has to offer at the moment, I’d really have a really difficult time coming up with some other name, that’s as good as this mouse from Logitech.

#2 Meet the Logitech G502 Hero

Now, if you’re instead looking for a “gaming mouse” that has this hyperscroll feature, I’d consider looking at this G502 mouse that’s also from Logitech and has a good hyperscroll wheel that lets me do my task I’m looking to do with it. Although I’m not an avid gamer, I do sometimes like to play Fortnite. And believe me, I’ve been playing it for years now and haven’t been able to win a single battle yet on my own, shame! 😓 I do have a few wins though in squad and battle royal modes where there’s like a hundred people that join the match and kill the other team members before theirs get killed.

Anyways, this G502 option from Logitech is also the same price as the MX Master. Still, if you’re looking for more of a gaming mouse, I’d recommend this one instead of the MX Master 3, because a gaming mouse is designed to respond fast and accurate for those extra high fps game moments when even a millisecond counts, or else you’re gone!

#3 Meet the Logitech MX Anywhere 2S

I knew there’s going to be a third type of category of people who’re looking for a budget option. They do not care if it’s a gaming mouse or a general overall great mouse for everyday use, all they care about is that is has to be a budget mouse that costs as less as possible for as many features and value as possible in return. Hence, I’ve included Logitech MX Anywhere 2S on this list.

You can say it’s a little brother to both the mouses mentioned above. It has the hyper-fast scroll wheel feature that we’re all here for, and its a budget option out of all three and also has an excellent sensor that tracks well on most surfaces.

You may be wondering why I only have Logitech mice in this list? Well that’s because they’re the best in the business when it comes to PC mouse game, as you’ve heard Lew saying in the video I linked above, that they’ve been doing some serious thinking in those secret rooms planning and improving their mice for the best experience and tweaking further to make them a perfect mouse for the user 😉

Also, if you’re thinking of upgrading to Logitech MX Anywhere 3, I don’t think there’s any news about them releasing a 3rd version as of yet, so I’d just go for this one for now and then upgrade later when and if it comes out.

Horizontal or Side Scrolling Mouse

Since I was looking for a mouse with hyperscroll for my own self that had a fast scroll wheel, I also came to know that people are also into horizontal scrolling mouse or in other words a side-scrolling mouse that is very crucial for people who do video editing and other similar activities that require a horizontal scroll wheel to be in the mouse to make things much easier and faster and less annoying, because having to go again and again and pull that scroll bar gets old and frustrating very quickly.

Here are some of the options I found for a side-scrolling mouse, and I will not be limiting this mouse on a specific budget, because people who need these mouses are earning a pretty good income so they probably can afford them, no matter the price, as it saves them and time is money.

#4 Meet the Logitech MX Master 3, again!

Not only does it have a normal up and down hyperscroll wheel, but it also is a side-scrolling mouse that has a side scroll wheel and it works the same as the normal hyperscroll does.

There’s one thing different about this side scroll wheel though, and it is that it is a bit stiffer than the normal scroll wheel, because we do not need the side-scrolling mouse to be as free as a normal hyperscroll, otherwise that’d just make thing even worse than not having a side scroll feature at all. It needs to move precisely, hence the stiff side scroll wheel. Because, when side-scrolling in an application like Adobe Premiere, you do not need to go that far to find the clip you’re looking for, the timeline is usually way smaller than a normal web page that we use the normal hyperscroll feature for.

I think that’s it. You’ll not find a better mouse than the MX Master 3 if you’re looking for a side-scrolling mouse as well as a normal mouse with hyperscroll, it has both features and plus it has USB-C which is one of my favorite things about it.

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