Can I upgrade my laptop RAM to 16GB?

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The first thing I need to clarify is that I can add more ram to my laptop? Because if we do not know the answer to this fundamental question, we can’t make it more complicated and answer can I upgrade my laptop ram to 16GB?

  • Your Laptop Must Be Running on a 64 bits system.
  • You can’t add RAM on a 32 bits system.

To put it simply, yes, you can add more ram to your laptop, in most cases.

Because, most of the time, a laptop’s motherboard has two to three ram slots that you can fill up with more ram. But sometimes, there is only one ram slot that already holds 4 to 8GB of ram.

That is when you either upgrade your laptop altogether, if you can not find a suitable ram for your model, or if it is available, you can go out and pick up a single ram of 8GB or 16GB and put it in that slot.

If your laptop’s not too old, it should have two ram slots, at least, which means you can easily pick up two pieces of 4GB of each and a total of 8GB of RAM and use it on your laptop. And if you wanted to upgrade to 16GB, two pieces of 8GB of each and you’re done.

Also, when there are two ram slots on your laptop’s motherboard, it has an additional advantage for certain types of tasks. It is called dual-channel memory when you put two 8GB of RAMs and make a total of 16GB and put two 4GB RAM sticks to make a total of 8GB instead of just going with one piece of 8GB or 16GB of RAM.

Here, also watch this youtube tutorial about picking the right laptop ram.

What’s the best 16GB laptop ram?

You may be wondering what ram is best for you to buy and put in your laptop? Well it completely depends on what type of laptop you have, what model the laptop is and what model or design of RAM it supports and already has.

It is best to pull out your current ram and look for it on Amazon or Google and find ram similar to it, those will be the ones that you can confidently go out and buy.

What happens if I add more RAM to my laptop?

What happens is that you start to see that your laptop runs more smoothly now. For example, as you know, Chrome eats up ram in breakfast, when it using like 2-3GB of RAM because you’re opening too many tabs, you’ll not be able to use other programs that require or use high amounts of RAM such as Adobe software.

You’ll either have to upgrade your ram to be able to run both at the same time, or will need to close at least one application, either the Chrome or the Adobe software you’re using.

Once you add more RAM, you’ll not experience anything like that, or you’ll not feel that you’re cornered to close an app, most likely you’ll be able to run both simultaneously. But even though I have 16GB of RAM, I still sometimes find that I need to close Chrome.


Because I usually have ten plus tabs open simultaneously, and sometimes even 20 or more, having more ram has spoiled me! 😅

Chrome RAM Usage on Laptop with 20 Tabs Open

As you can see in the screenshot above, I have these many tabs open at the moment when I am writing this post, as well as I have Adobe Photoshop opened to make the thumbnail of this post.

So now you can imagine if someone has 4GB of RAM how their condition will be and how eager they would be to upgrade and how massive advantage they’ll get once they upgrade their laptop RAM.

Is upgrading to 16gb RAM worth it?

I’m sure you’ve already realized by now that the answer to this question is YES, it is absolutely 100% worth it! Especially if you are a power chrome user that has multiple tabs open all the time, like me.

My previous laptop had 8GB of DDR3 ram, and I couldn’t even open five tabs at once without struggling with slowdowns.

Is 16GB better than 8GB?

For sure, as we have been discussing how 16GB is way better and gives you a headache-free life, especially if you are a productivity laptop user.

Is 16GB RAM enough?

Yes, it is more than enough for casual gamers as well as content creators. But, for someone who’s a freelancer and does video editing and 3D animation or modeling work, it is the minimum RAM they should get. Or even 32GB is the minimum in some cases for such people.

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